Average mobile data consumption in The Netherlands almost doubled, what is the reason behind this?

A few years ago, mobile data consumption was much lower than it is today. Watching videos on YouTube, streaming movies, keeping track of Social Media or downloading Apps has become more and more a daily reality. Is that the cause of a huge increase in mobile data usage? In this blog we will discuss the possible causes. The upcoming voordelige sim only makes it logical to see the increase in data use.

Mobile data usage increased in the Netherlands

With the advent of unlimited data and unlimited internet bundles, mobile data consumption has increased enormously in recent years, according to research by Telecompaper. According to them, the average data consumption in the period from May 2017 to May 2019 has increased from 1 GB to almost 3 GB per month.

Choice of data bundles

The fact that the average data consumption has risen to almost 3 GB per month has to do with the fact that the Dutch are more interested in data bundles of 10 GB or larger compared to 2 years ago. Are you looking for a subscription with unlimited data but you don’t know which provider to choose? Compare all Sim Only providers with unlimited data, so you can make the right choice. This may be due to the ability to combine fixed services with mobile subscriptions and the increasing popularity of streaming services.

Combining fixed services with mobile subscriptions

The fact that the consumption of mobile data has increased in recent years is due to the fact that more and more providers are able to combine fixed services with mobile subscriptions. When combining, providers offer attractive additional advantages. For example, if you are already a KPN customer for fixed services and you subscribe to a KPN mobile subscription, you will receive free extra services. This also applies to combining Ziggo with Vodafone.

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