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No time to read? Spend more time in your car? Sick of listening to the same old songs on the radio?
Well, now you can use your time so much more wisely when you pop in your headphones or turn up your CD player with only the very best audiobook.


Download and listen to audio books. You can now buy audio books online!

Now you can access your favorite authors and books on audio book.  Simply download your audiobook to your smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer, burn onto CD and play in your car!
In our forever busy world, there is so little time to read. But now you don’t need to miss out.
With Sonic Audiobooks you can buy new business books, listen to the latest fiction, science fiction, romance novels and even learn a new language!
We promise only high quality books on audio.


Purchase Audio Books Online Here

Some of the world’s most successful people say that part of their success came from listening to inspiring audio books every single day. They said that it was like having their own personal coach in their car, or that it swept them away in their imagination and helped them become more creative.
The were once called books on tape, But now, in today’s digital age, you can now download audio books here from your favorite authors and have them with you all the time.

More and more book stores are closing down, but with Sonic, download your audiobooks in Australia, the U.S, Canada or U.K, or in fact, anywhere in the world. You have new access to your favorite books on audio at the click of a button.

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