Comprehensive Removals Blackpool

To avoid unnecessary hassle one day before moving, we have made a list with all the important task. With us there is no stress. Just print our a hard copy and tick each task when it is done. This way you will not forget anything. Moving can be easy when well planned! ONE MONTH BEFORE YOU MOVE

Cleaning – if you are going to have your houses cleaned, make sure you have arranged it before. Milk/Newspaper deliveries – cancel your current supplier. TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOU MOVE Electricity – advise you new provider about moving date and cancel account with the old one. Try to do it about two weeks prior to move. Gas – choose your new supplier.

Comprehensive Removals Blackpool

Double check this list and see if you did not miss anything! Fragile – mark all the boxes or bags with fragile items, so that movers will know where to place them to avoid scratches or damages. Childcare – do not forget to arrange babysitting for your children on the moving day. Pets – ask a friend to take care of your pets on this day or make an arrangement to put them into kennels MOVING DAY Keys – make sure you have the keys to the new house. Removal form – when the moving crew arrive and team leader introduce the whole team, double check the removal form so that there will be no misunderstanding Nothing left – once the vehicles are loaded go around the house and make sure nothing is left. Refreshments – leave some biscuits and drinks, so that everyone is refreshed.


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