Finding licensed and reliable plumber?

Seeking a professional, trustworthy, licensed and reliable plumber?

Then you’re in the right place!

We understand that choosing a plumber to fix your plumbing problem isn’t the most exciting task in the world.

We provide you with a stress free experience so that you can get your problems fixed quickly, professionally and without spending a fortune.

Plumbing problems such as gas, toilets, taps, drains and hot waters are a big enough pain on there own. You don’t need to also go through the pain to find the best and most professional plumber to get the job done in a reliable way.

Forget about those plumbers that don’t take off their muddy boots and leave their mess for you to clean up once they are finished.


We Will Save The Day

We pride ourself on providing you with a superior experience, which includes:

  • An obsession for personal attention from professionals who put your needs first.
  • Absolutely no shortcuts are taken with no corners being cut.
  • Clear pricing, up front with a flat rate so there’s no surprises.
  • Arriving on time for the job so you’re not waiting around all day.
  • Clear communication and understanding of the problem and solution.

We understand that you have enough on your plate already, we so work in with your busy schedule. That’s why we work with you on the best date and time to arrive to ensure that it’s not inconvenient.

Our Plumbing Services

The Plumber is most known on being a one stop shop plumber. We have the right skills, qualifications licenses with the highest degree of knowledge to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

Here’s the most common jobs we do:

  • Drain maintenance
    There’s not much worse than a blocked drain. It can be very stressful if you can’t use your toilet, sink or whatever else may be clogged. The Plumber understands this first hand as we are also homeowners. We are equipped with the right skills, experience and tools to ensure that this is fixed when we arrive to solve this irritating problem.
  • Pipeline repairing or replacement
    Having leaks in your pipes can be a very frustrating time. Not only that, it can cost you more money because you could be paying for the additional water usage. With these stressful situations, we come around to your home or business and with the right tools we repair or replace your piping to fix any piping issues you were having.
  • Gas fitting and repairs
    With our extensive training, large experience and being fully qualified, we are able to handle all of your gas problems. Gas leaks, gas hot water heater or installing a gas oven are the most common gas fitting and repair jobs we do. We can also assist with other gas jobs that you may in a quick and effective way.
  • Water heating installation and repair
    Not having your hot water working is not a pleasant time for anybody in your home. It’s one of the worst plumbing problems you can have. You’re unable to have a shower or bath, do the dishes or anything else that you use hot water for. If this has happened to you, fill out a form and get a free quote or call us right now to get this fixed. We will replace or repair your hot water system to get things back up and running quickly and effectively.
  • Installing dishwashers
    As dishwashers are becoming a more popular item to have in the kitchen, we frequently receive calls to see if we can provide installation for them. We absolutely call install them for you. We can quickly and effectively install any make and model in your kitchen. We’ll set it up for you, connect it to your sink’s pipes and make sure it’s running 100% before we leave.
  • Toilet installation and repair 
    Has your toilet stopped working all of a sudden? Never fear, The Plumber is here. We have fixed and installed dozens and dozens of toilets. We have experience working with all makes and models of toilets and can make sure your toilet is backing working as it should.
  • Tap replacements and repairs
    We have seen a hundreds of tap problems in our professional life. There’s simply no tap problem that we can’t fix. We have the experience and skills to fix every type, model and make of tap. The Plumber can fix your small problems like replacing tap washers and seals and go all the way to replacing the taps with a new set swiftly.

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