Guide to real estate investing

The current property market has left many people who had no intention of becoming landlords ‘accidental landlords.’ These are former owner occupiers who had trouble selling their home and so decided to rent it out instead. The only problem is this can lead to dealing with tenants – and not all tenants are good.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that property is a great investment, and for many people it can be, but if you never set out to be a property investor or a landlord for that matter how are you going to handle things when you face a difficult sitation with your tenant. The alternative is to sell your house to a property investor – someone with experience in the area who is more equipped to dealing with the challenges tenants can create.


So – once you’ve got a house that’s got tenants in it – how do you sell?

Sitting tenants can be a big turn-off to a lot of prospective purchasers, especially if they’re looking to be owner occupiers. Would you buy a house that you couldn’t move into for six months because there was already a tenant in place? That’s the challenge your facing, your market is more limited.

Your best option is to look for cash buyers – especially if you want to sell your house fast. Cash buyers are used to doing fast completions on houses and they’re also mainly investors who are experienced at dealing with tenants. These are the type of buyers who won’t be put off by tenants and are most likely to offer you a fair price with a realistic sale time-frame.

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