Hot Tub or Spa?

Hot tubs differ from swim spa because they are free-standing units as opposed to built in. They are available in traditional wooden paneling, molded fiberglass options and portable units. You can even purchase kits to build your own. For those who are concerned about the environment or the utility bill, there are solar powered hot tubs.

Portable hot tubs are all the rage with people who have vacation homes. These tubs are made of an expandable material that can be unrolled, inflated and be a source of relaxation no matter where you might be, even if it is only a camp ground. This is a great idea if you’re concerned about the unit consuming too much room, if it was installed as a permanent fixture in your home.

Hot tub kits can be ordered online. Although most companies supply only the patterns and a list of supplies that you will  need, there are other companies which supply all of the materials to be shipped right to your home. No matter what option you are looking for in the purchase of a hot tub, there is a manufacturer out there who can and will make it for you.



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