Information about Erectie Stoornis

Erectie Stoornis – Hypersexuality and ED are two completely different sexual problems on their own. When combined, they create a state of discomfort and relative mania for the individual who is experiencing them. There are various methods to treat hypersexuality and ED that will lower their respective conditions.


Information about Erectie Stoornis

Hypersexuality is a sexual condition in which an individual experiences an increase in their sexual urges. Though hypersexuality has been known to be caused by medications or medical conditions, the primary cause remains medically unknown.

Studies have shown males who suffer from Parkinson’s disease often suffer from hypersexuality, while at the same time enduring mental anguish from trying to cope with ED.

Mental conditions arise from hypersexuality, such as borderline personality, as a result of the mania inducing condition. Risky behaviors have been displayed as well, such as excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse in the individual, more than likely to sate their unsatisfied sexual urgency.


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