Jiu Jitsu Beginners Must Grapple With Their Gym’s Best Practitioners

I want to target you these days to learn the need for intermediate practitioners of advanced jiu jitsu.

We can now count on new faces to go through the door as winter breaks come. Some of them are college students who finally have time to train. I realise I’ve been responsible for it, certainly. Some are young, others have some experience. These new students deliver many more educational partners equivalent to a higher quality fitness space. However, these younger pupils sometimes have some doubts about coming with the stronger pupils. Often rolling with a beginner will encourage you to exercise moves you have learnt, but mostly because these students do not yet understand how good jiu jitsu is. Many love street battles aren’t MMA, and you just love boxing with your mates if you weren’t 13.

Just a few weeks ago I went up to a pupil and asked him if he would “wanted to roll” When we did some live Sparring He looked at me, a little worried and said that hopefully he wouldn’t, that he would rather catch someone a lot more to his level of skills. I respect this nervousness because I am sure at the beginning of my high school wrestling I felt similar. But the fact that senior pupils of this game will never crush you is what beginners must know. Instead, senior students will beat the new students and show them what they do wrong. This is exactly how you improve yourself or any sport for jiu jitsu. It is also extremely stable, as advanced grapplers have a greater understanding of themselves on the mate and control of the body so that you (or yourself) cannot be placed in a dangerous situation.

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He hesitantly agreed to fight with me after I told him this. We struggled for ten minutes, and I did not apply it once at that point. Instead, I’m going to start submitting strategies to let him know what I was doing to make him understand what he did not. As I advanced my guard role, I will give it the opportunity to pull guard in case it hasn’t jumped on this opportunity, so that I will have another opportunity to teach.

I found that this particular approach between advanced and beginner grapplers is commonplace in my years doing jii jitsu. Of course you can get a hard-working yoked person, who decides it is his chance to instille his supremacy, but many more experienced Jiu Jitsu practitioners want to improve their sparring partners. The advanced practitioner in turn will improve when the newcomer improves. These advanced partners will demonstrate the good Jiu Jitsu techniques for beginners at home and in their free time.

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Anyone who has learned previously knows that teaching is the easiest and quickest way to find out. You must really break down your own technique and ensure that you grasp the technique of jiu jitsu strongly. It is the biggest part of the day when the student beats them in their sport. It’s also an expression of the hard work of coaches.


Going with advanced Jiu Jitsu practitioners would encourage you to come with adversaries who are likely to reduce ego, reduce your chances of injury and also provide immediate input on the wrong thing you do. Finally, nobody believes that you can overcome the best in the sport, if you are brand new. On the first day of your basketball, you wouldn’t have to beat Kobe Bryant. Enjoy this time, then try about as much as you can from your workout buddy.

Philip Gephardt has experience with Factum CrossFit and MMA in Utah and is an accomplished fighter/owner/founder. Before switching sports, Phil has been a nationally ranked wrestler and focuses on his professional career.

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