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Mention flat roof repairs and most domestic or commercial owners thoughts are of leaking water damage to timber, ceilings and walls. Mineral felts have a limited life and are prone to leaking and rapid deterioration due frequent downpours, yet people still fix, renew, replace and repair felt bitumen with more because of the apparent lack of alternative flat roofing waterproofing sealant products currently available. If you can see this message you need to enable Javascript.


Mention “flat roof repairs” and most domestic or commercial owners thoughts are of leaking & water damage to timber, ceilings and walls. Mineral felts have a limited life and are prone to leaking and rapid deterioration due frequent downpours, yet people still fix, renew, replace and repair felt & bitumen with more because of the apparent lack of alternative flat roofing waterproofing sealant products currently available.

Flat Roofing Repair/Replacement Solution

EPDM is the modern roofing replacement solution for repair of a leaking flat roof. Sizes are available to fit most residential flat roof structures in one single cover which negates any problems associated with spliced joints. Quick installation is achieved because no heat or specialist equipment is required to install, saving time and money. Once installed, a rubber flat roof will guarantee a durable and tough waterproof sealing covering.

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Keeping your social security number sage

SSI Benefits is the major source of income for most retired and elderly persons in America. SS benefits consists of about 40% of the income for people over 65. 52% are married, and 72% of unmarried individuals receive 50% or more of their income from Social Security.

Retired workers and their families account for 69% of total benefits paid. Disabled workers and their dependants count for 19% of total benefits paid. Since 52% of all workers have no provate pension coverage Keeping your social security number sage.

Addressing the concerns of many Americans regarding the payment of bills  after retirement or a disability, a federal benefits program was designed in the United States, in 1935, known as the Social Securities Act. The Social Security program provides disability, retirement, unemployment, survivor benefits and Medicare. The benefits offered are meant to provide financial support to the citizens of America who fall under the categories specified within the rules of the program.

The Social Security Act of 1935 introduced the Social Security benefits system in the US. The SSI system caters to the financial needs of the retired citizens, who have contributed to the social security trust fund for at least 10 years. It also provides benefits to the survivors, in event of the persons death. Other available benefits cover disability and unemployment.


It is essential for anyone wanting benefits to make the regular required contribution to the Social Security Trust Funds through the payroll taxes. The provisions of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), every worker’s income is subject to a tax payment of 12.4% on the first $94,200 earned during the year. 50% of this amount (6.2%) is paid by the employer, while the other 6.2% is deducted from the salary. The amount is passed on to the SSI office. Self-employed people pays the full 12.4%. This contributed dollar amount is used fund the U.S. social security benefits system.


60th Birthday Gifts For Her

It can be very difficult to determine just what to choose for a 60th birthday gift. Whether the birthday girl is your mother, grandmother, wife or friend, you may find it difficult to know just what she wants. There are many choices available with regards to technology today. For instance, if your birthday girl does not yet have a cell phone, this could be an excellent gift. With the risks of being out without a cell phone these days, it is becoming normal for everyone to have one. You can also choose more nostalgic gifts if you think that this is what she would prefer. Consider buying her an iPod or other Mp3 player and load it with her favorite music from years ago.


Or, you could purchase DVDs, Blu-ray discs or videos of her favorite movies or musical artists. For those really close to you, consider purchasing a scrapbook or photo album and filling it with photos of your times together down through the years. 60th Birthday Mug is an excellent idea if the birthday girl is your mother or grandmother. They will think about you every time when they hold the mug and feel extra special that you took the time to put it all together for them.

Roof Inspection – “Why Do I Need One?”

Homeowners need to be prepared for the winter. Wet, windy, and cold days can damage roofs and homes. So it’s imperative homeowners prepare their roofs by getting a roof inspection, now.

Heavy snow and ice can damage roofing shingles or cause damage and warping to rafters and trusses … not to mention add extra dollars to your heating bill.

Moving air in and out of your attic ensures less build-up of ice and snow on your roof. Attic ventilation systems are proven to save a homeowner at least 30% on energy bills.

Another hazard which often wreaks havoc on roofs in the winter months are gutter systems clogged with branches, leaves, and other debris.

Inspecting and cleaning your gutters (ideally) prior to winter is a tedious job … however it pays off for you in the long run.

Rain water and melting snow often stands on roofs. So ensuring the water has a proper exit route via your gutters and downspouts allows for you to rest assured leaks will not occur.

A good idea for homeowners is to check the fasteners on their gutters. Often, an improperly fastened gutter causes overflow and build up. Inside walls may then become damaged from leaking water.

Just as important is checking installation. Make sure your fasteners from one gutter piece to the next is secure. Also, ensure the gutters attached to your home are tight and secure.

Another culprit which causes roofs to leak is debris, limbs, and leaves that lay in the valleys of roof lines. Do a thorough walk through of your roof. Make sure all the valleys are free and clear of any debris that can add weight and act as a barrier to rain and melting snow.


Valleys in roofs are often the most common place a roof leak can occur. So make sure your roof shingles and roofing materials are adequately protecting this high-prone area for leaks.

Perhaps the number one cause for roofing leaks and damage to homes is due to flashing problems.

Flashing is the aluminum pieces often used to protect roofing edges. Flashing is the only barrier between your under-roofing and the elements of outside.

Roof flashing is found around the perimeter of your home. Also, roof flashing is found around roof vents, roof piping, and chimneys.

High winds and heavy winter rains can cause roof flashing to loosen, rip and tear. If flashing is not inspected prior to those rough winter months – you may get a costly problem on your hands.

Ensure your roof flashing is not ripped, torn, or coming loose from your home. If you find an area that looks a little questionable … you’re better off to replace it prior to those winter months.

Flashing costs very little to replace compared to replacing an entire roof or repairing a roof leak.

Roof Inspection for the Winter Months
Besides inspecting your roof and preparing it for the winter months, look at other areas of your home.

Check to see that your windows are properly sealed. Many times, an improperly sealed window is the culprit for leaks. Also, inspect outside doors and attic insulation.

Ideally, preparing your home for winter should start in the Spring or early Fall. However, it’s never too late if you haven’t already inspected your roof.

The scope of a proper roof inspection is usually too much for the average homeowner to do, alone.
You’re better off having a roofing professional inspect your roof for you.

Resource: General contractor Oshkosh WI

Mallorca Beach Homes Ever More Expensive Than Countryside Ones

Experts in Mallorca dream homes are beginning to notice a certain evolution in house prices between depending on their location, an evolution that is becoming a trend.

This particular trend was noticed by Mallorcan realtors Mallorca Sotheby’s International Realty which is a company working with top clients and closing deals that would leave others fainting when looking at the price tag. The company says that this widening in the price gap for shoreline property and inland property is dictated first and foremost by demand: currently the ratio is at 5 to 1 for homes on the coast.

Another reason is that the Mediterranean plays a key role in the appeal of Mallorca as an island and consequently on the Mallorca real estate industry. Although the center of the island houses important towns like Inca, the most expensive property remains that which sits very close to the water. Stephen Dight, Managing director of Sotheby’s International Realty was quoted as saying: “Whilst you may pay nine million Euros for a 900m² (9,684 square foot) property on a 4,500m² (48,420 square foot) plot in a prestigious seafront location, you could have a charming 475m² (5,111 square foot) property on a mammoth 25,500m² ( 274,380 square foot) countryside plot within 20 minutes of the capital, Palma, for less than a third of the cost, 2.85 million Euros ($3.96 million).”


Even more expensive are the properties why lie along the cliffy coast on the eastern coast. If the property has private sea access and also affords yacht mooring, than expect prices to go even higher. Views of the sea through massive glass wall facing the water are a must and indeed, as one travels along the coast he will be able to see a pattern.

So if you have the money and you can find one of these houses, it would be a good idea to purchase it, not just for yourself, but also as an investment since analysts don’t think the price on this type of real estate will go down anytime soon.

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