Quality Landscapers melbourne

Landscapers melbourne – In the last couple of weeks we have seen an abrupt change of temperature here in South Florida.  Goodbye 95 degree heat, hello mid-70’s!  So how does this cooling down change the way you maintain your yard?

Quality Landscapers melbourne

  1. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, you need to water your lawn more. The summer heat here in South Florida is accompanied by plenty of rain—now that it has cooled down, the rains will come less and less.  It’s a good idea to water your lawn twice per week—the legal limit in Melbourne.  (Note: If your lawn is “stressed” and needs additional water, or if you have new plants or new sod, you are exempted from the water restrictions.)
  2. Winter in Melbourne is a great time to mulch. Mulch holds moisture very well and adds a neat, finished look to your garden and landscape—perfect for entertaining guests over the holidays.
  3. Add some color. As we mentioned last week, annuals such as Impatiens are now available here in Miami.  Take advantage—add some color and life to your yard.


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