Trikes For Children

A three-wheeler, motorized trike or scooter is a vehicle which operates using an electric motor, bike, car or scooter engine, and powered either by gasoline or by electricity. A three-wheeler has a steering wheel similar to that of a car or motorcycle. The wheels are usually designed to provide balance. Trikes, unlike cars, are more stable. They are considered the safest vehicles for children.


Trikes generally have fixed tires, with some being fitted with air and pneumatic tires. Many trikes have a suspension system and have front wheels similar in shape to that of a bike. Some trikes have pedals while others do not. There is a need for an adequate amount of space for storage, both on and off road. Although some three-wheelers are designed for use off road, many of them are good for use on dirt tracks or other surfaces where they can be easily rolled along. Although a trike may have many disadvantages when used off road, it still provides excellent maneuverability.

The design of a trike means that it can be driven on any surface. However, if driving over rough surfaces, such as gravel or sand, it is important to use the correct gears. Trikes are designed to allow children to operate safely. Trikes are great for children who wish to exercise without risking themselves or others.

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