Why People Continue to Play Online Games

Online games have become a large part of many people’s lives. Many teenagers play online games with other teens they know in real life, or they play online games with people they probably never even meet in person. While forty-five percent of women who play online games with people they know just online, still 49% of men say that they play online with people they know almost exclusively online or with people who are not friends at all. Men and women play together online on almost equal percentages, but there are more men playing online games than women and this is because there are more men than women playing online games. View this!

This is great news for those who want to play online games but don’t have friends to play them with. It would be next to impossible to find a chat application for Hangouts or Google Talk that was specifically created for people you do not know in real life. This is why chat applications like Google Talk and Google Hangouts were created. These chat programs allow you to talk to friends who have chosen to share their names and email addresses with you. You can also use your Hangouts or Google Talk contacts list to search for other Hangouts or Google Talk users that you may be interested in chatting with.

In order to continue the discussion, people continue to play online games by chatting with one another. People continue to do this with video chat rooms as well. With video chat, you can actually see your avatar while you are playing a game, instead of just seeing a text box saying “You are playing a game.” So you actually get more personal interaction with the other person playing the game instead of feeling like you are just playing a game. You can go ahead and have a conversation with someone who you would have never otherwise met.

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